What are the stages of psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a form of counseling that involves two people working together to help them understand their past and present experiences. The goal of psychotherapy is not to change who you are, but rather to get you better equipped to handle your everyday life. The stages of psychotherapy include: consultation, middle phase (also called the therapy phase), termination phase (also called aftercare) and follow-up plan

The beginning stage

The beginning stage of psychotherapy involves a consultation with your therapist, during which they will assess your need for treatment and any previous therapy you have received. They will also take time to get to know you personally by asking questions about your background and life history. After this initial consultation, the next step is to schedule a first session where they can begin their work with you on an individual basis.

There are many different types of psychotherapists available in Australia; some specialize in areas such as family therapy or trauma recovery while others offer generalist services that can be used across all areas of mental health care (e.g., counselling). The cost of treatment varies depending on whether it’s funded through Medicare or private health insurance policies but will typically range between $100-$200 per session if paid up front at each visit – so keep this in mind when looking into options!

As mentioned earlier there are two main ways in which clients pay for these services: cash ($) or credit card (Visa/Master Card). If paying by credit card then expect payment processing fees incurred when settling accounts each month after purchasing items from online stores such as Amazon etcetera.”

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