What are the key issues in cognitive psychology?

Cognitive psychology is the study of human cognition, which can be defined as “the mental processes that allow humans to perceive, think, communicate and remember”. While many people think of cognitive psychology as a field of study that deals with how our minds work, this is only one aspect of what cognitive psychologists do. They also study how we learn new things and why some people are better at it than others.

Attention cannot be distributed evenly across cognitive processes.

Attention cannot be distributed evenly across cognitive processes.

Attention is limited: The ability to focus on one thing at a time and ignore other things (or not be distracted by them) is called attentional control. In order for your brain to pay attention on something, it must first have no other task or thought in its mind; otherwise, you can’t pay attention to anything because there’s another task or thought competing for your attentional resources. It takes effort from the brain’s executive function system in order for this process work properly: if someone has multiple tasks competing for them at once, then one of those tasks will inevitably win out over another until either all of them are done with their current steps/tasks or someone loses track of what they were doing altogether!

Attention can be divided between two things: When people try their hardest not think about anything else but whatever they’re currently thinking about — whether that’s watching TV shows while eating breakfast; reading books while commuting; biking around town without headphones because they didn’t want anyone else listening – — what happens when suddenly someone else interrupts us? How do we react? Well…that depends entirely upon how well our brains were trained beforehand! Some people might stop what they’re doing right away — others might continue doing whatever it was exactly before getting interrupted but instead going back into watching TV while eating breakfast instead now having nothing but thoughts about food anymore instead

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