natural recipe for gray hair

1- Black t

Tea is a great way to color your hair. In addition, tea contains polyphenolic compounds that help curb hair loss and rejuvenate them.


  • 3-5 tea bags 
  • 2 cups of water 

usage method 

  1. Prepare a cup of highly concentrated tea. 
  2. Let it cool before applying it all over your hair. 
  3. Leave for 1 hour. 
  4. Rinse with water later.
  5. 2- coffee
  6.  Coffee is another drink that helps color your hair, especially if you’re a brunette. Coffee also adds shine and Shin to your hair and stimulates hair growth.
  7. Ingredients 
  8. 1 cup black coffee 
  9. 2 tablespoons conditioner
  10.  2 tablespoons ground coffee 
  11. usage method 
  12. Prepare a strong cup of black coffee. 
  13. Let the coffee cool down a bit. 
  14. Now put the fabric softener and ground coffee in a coffee cup and mix well. 
  15. Wash your hair and squeeze out excess water. 
  16. Apply the above coffee mixture to your hair and loosely tie it into a bun. 
  17. Leave for 1 hour. 
  18. Rinse well later.
  19. 3- Henna 
  20. Cooling and soothing, henna has long been used to color hair. Add a burgundy hue to your hair.
  21.  Ingredients
  22. ½ cup henna 
  23. ¼ glass of water 
  24. usage method 
  25. Take henna in a container. 
  26. Now slowly add water to the bowl while stirring with a spoon. You should have a smooth and uniform henna paste. 
  27. Cover the container with a cloth or plastic wrap.
  28.  Let the mixture stand for about 12 hours. 
  29. Wash your hair and squeeze out excess water
  30. 4 way
  31. Sage is an excellent remedy for covering gray hair, as well as for enhancing the natural black or brown hair color. 
  32. Ingredients 
  33. 1 cup sage
  34. ¼ glass of water 
  35. usage method 
  36. Put the water on a high heat and let it boil.
  37. Add sage to boiling water and reduce heat.
  38. Let the mixture stand for about 30 minutes. 
  39. Let cool before straining the mixture. 
  40. Wash your hair and squeeze out excess water. 
  41. Slowly pour the sage solution into your hair. 
  42. Leave for 15 minutes.
  43. Give your hair a final rinse.
  44. Apply henna paste all over your hair.
  45.  Leave for 2-3 hours.
  46.  Then wash off with plenty of water


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