7 Ways To Spot A Psychopath In The Real World

A psychopath is a person who has no conscience and will do anything for the thrill of it. They’re cunning and manipulative, often charming in their ability to play people off against one another. As an acquaintance said recently: “I’ve known psychopaths in my life, and they can be quite entertaining.” But there’s more to this than just being able to spot them at parties and get away with saying things like, “You’re so full of shit!” Here are 7 ways you can tell if someone is a sociopath:

They will watch you for a bit before approaching you.

Psychopaths are masters at reading people, and they use this skill to their advantage. They will watch you for a bit before approaching you. This is because they are sizing you up, looking for a weakness to exploit and/or a way to get what they want. A psychopath may approach someone who seems friendly or open-hearted first, but then quickly switch gears into something more sinister once he senses vulnerability in his prey’s demeanor or body language.

The truth is that most of us have some degree of vulnerability within us—it’s just how much depends on how well we’ve trained ourselves not to show it outwardly (or how much energy we put into hiding our true selves). If you’re ever suspicious that someone might be doing this type of thing behind your back: don’t trust them!

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