6 effective natural treatments for varicose veins

Nowadays, there are many natural treatments against varicose veins, we have selected the six most effective natural methods that we will expose after a brief physiological review. In France, the manifestations of venous insufficiency affect at least 18 million people, 10 million of whom have varicose veins.

Varicose veins? What are they?

Varicose veins of the legs are a dilatation of the veins under the skin which become tortuous with incontinence of their valves, and of a calibre higher than 3 mm in standing position. They can reach the lower limbs but also the anal area (hemorrhoids), the testicles, the vagina or the esophagus.

The venous return is in the opposite direction of the arterial circulation. Below the heart, the venous blood must fight against gravity. Its objective is to successfully return to the heart.

1-Crenotherapy, an anti-viral spa treatment

In France, there are thermal cures specialized in phlebology. The principle is to relieve the symptoms with warm and cool water baths, underwater massages, beverage cures and lymphatic drainages. Activities such as jet showers, vaporiums, hydromassage and limb modeling will tone the leg muscles and reduce the sensation of heavy legs and varicose veins.

2- Dietary rebalancing

Losing weight but also volume can help reduce blood thickening (hemolysis) and promote free blood circulation in the venous circuit. It is necessary to eliminate or limit foods containing saturated fats such as butter, margarine, red meat, cheese, refined oils, sweets and deli meats.

Add fresh vegetable juice as an appetizer, fruit outside of meals, drink plenty of water between meals, lemon juice without sugar.

3- Naturopathy, for a better global health

Nutrition, psychology and exercise are the pillars of naturopathy to achieve good health and vitality. Here are several tips from naturopaths to reduce varicose veins:

Drain the liver: There are plants called cholagogues that facilitate the evacuation of bile: boldo, chamomile, rosemary, artichoke, borage, fumitory, black radish.
A diet rich in fiber: Increase the consumption of fiber foods that promote the proper functioning of elimination and helps fight against constipation. In the case of varicose veins, it is important to have a bowel movement every day to free the lower abdomen and allow the blood circulating in the veins of the lower limbs to flow back to the heart.
Spicy food: Spices are known to be beneficial for circulation. Cayenne pepper and red pepper speed up blood circulation, helping the cardiovascular system to function better.
Add garlic and onions to your diet: Garlic dilates blood vessels and increases blood circulation by increasing hydrogen levels. Onions prevent the formation of blood clots thanks to their high number of antioxidants.

4-Diminishing varicose veins through phytotherapy

Phytotherapy aims to use the properties of plants to improve health. For varicose veins, we recommend a cure of red vine in capsule or ampoule, which reduces the sensation of heavy legs.

It allows to find light legs thanks to the presence of anthocyanosides. The presence of numerous polyphenols gives the vine leaf important anti-oxidant virtues that help protect the capillaries and blood circulation. Carry out a cure of 1 month: with 5 capsules per day, to be distributed during the day. Preferably 2 (or 3) in the morning and 2 (or 3) in the evening.


For each essential oil, read carefully the instructions for use and the precautions for use. These are powerful active ingredients whose use must be rigorous. It is necessary to respect the precautions of uses, the duration of the treatment and the ways of administration informed on the note.

Make a friction morning and evening with 20 drops of the mixture CELôm and FFFôm in equal parts, on the sole of the feet, the calves, the thighs and the buttocks.

Drink one drop of CELôm composition three times a day for six weeks. Put on the hand and massage alternating each week with 1 drop of composition FFFôm or with 1 drop of the following composition: 70 ml of essential oil of cypress, 20 ml of essential oil of sage and 10 ml of essential oil of sweet mint.

The CELôm has decongestant virtues. It warms, refreshes and works on the deep tonicity. The FFFôm is used with circulatory vocation. This friction lightens the heavy legs. Attention cypress essential oil is not suitable for pregnant women and children under 7 years. It should not be consumed without the advice of a health practitioner. The essential oil of sage contains anti-inflammatory, stimulating and antibacterial properties. Finally, the essential oil of sweet mint has digestive, tonic and refreshing properties.

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